IID Curriculum Development Program

UNIID-SEA works with higher education institutions to develop and polot IID-oriented courses. To date, 6 courses at the undergraduate, graduate and professional levels have been launched, and an IID Course Sourcebook has been published and shared publicly online


IID Research Program

UNIID-SEA supports research on the understanding and practice of IID in the ASEAN region. Over the past three years, 6 research projects (institutional, national and regional in scope) have been completed.


IID Challenge Program with National Research Councils

A new grants program was developed and adopted by NRC partners to facilitate inclusive innovation initiatives with targeted BoP groups/sectors in Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.


IID Fellows Program for Teaching and Learning Innovations

Co-implemented with the ASEAN University Network (AUN), UNIID-SEA supported individual scholars and practitioners to develop IID teaching and learning packages. In 2014, 20 Fellows were named, who produced courses on IID-relevant topics such as livelihood development, disaster preparedness, and water and sanitation.


Inclusive Innovation Hub

UNIID-SEA maintains an online and open-access knowledge portal on IID. To date, the Hub houses resources and materials from 82 individual and 11 institutional contributors.