About the Assessment Tool

As a follow up initiative, the IHOPE Assessment Framework has been translated into an online assessment tool.

Based on the user’s election experience, the Online IHOPE Assessment tool aims to guide individual evaluations of the quality of the electoral exercise, and generate a “big picture” evaluation of the electoral system in a specific country along the 10 IHOPE pillars:

  1. Electoral Climate: Maintaining Public Order the Safety
  2. Electoral Process Management: Logistics in Place on Time
  3. Fair Officiating: Facilitating and Regulating
  4. Voters and Voting: Registration and Participation
  5. Electoral Results: Transparency, Accountability and Credibility
  6. Monitoring and Evaluation: Internal and External Mechanisms
  7. The Mass Media, Academe, and Think Tanks: Information for Decisionmaking
  8. Political Parties and Candidates: Inclusiveness and Engagement
  9. Programs of Government: Formulation and Articulation
  10. Campaign Resources: Leveling the Playing Field

Q: The results will be used for what, and will the data collection/ access to the survey be limited to a certain period or not?

Data collection and evaluation

Q: Will the users be asked to register to access the tool? If YES, we must indicate it here.

The Online IHOPE Assessment Tool is a guided questionnaire that is segmented according to the 10 IHOPE pillars. Users will go through a series of statements pertaining to a specific pillar, and will be asked to indicate their level of agreement or disagreement to each statement. After each segment/ pillar, a calculated score will be generated and interpreted. Once the user reaches the end of the questionnaire, a cumulative score—total of the scores generated per segment/ pillar—will be calculated and interpreted.

A set of sociodemographic information will be collected at the beginning of the questionnaire to allow for internal differentiation of results according to the sociodemographic characteristics of the users.

Data Privacy and Confidentiality

Contact information

For more information about the IHOPE Project and the Online IHOPE Assessment Tool please contact the UNIID-SEA Inc. Secretariat at info [at] uniid-sea.net.

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